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Changelog for AmplifyJS 1.1.0

Changelog for AmplifyJS 1.0.0

Changelog for AmplifyJS 1.0beta

Overall Changes

  • We removed the dependency of jQuery from the core (pub/sub), store, and base request components. The ajax request type still uses jQuery, but you can create your own request.type that uses another library or technology if you need.
  • We moved all of our Unit Tests into TestSwarm to assist us in testing across multiple browsers. You can participate in helping us make AmplifyJS better by running the test suite against your desktop and mobile devices. Changes

  • New Feature: Added consistent error handling when exceeding the storage limit in various browsers
  • New Feature: We now auto-expire old data if the store hits the storage limit
  • Bug Fix: A fix was made to handle the file protocol correctly in Firefox
  • Bug Fix: Firefox 2 now defaults to use globalStorage instead of sessionStorage
  • Bug Fix: Store now works when newer versions of IEs run in IE 7 mode
  • Breaking Change: Removed cookie support. The reason for this is that cookies shouldn't be used for persisting large data sets. Since cookies are passed along with the request header it decreases performance and cookies are limited in their capacity. If you need cookie support, please consider using the appendTo jQuery cookie plugin

ampify.request Changes

  • New Feature: We now support an abort method so that you can stop a request that is in progress
  • Breaking Change: If you created a custom request.type, then you will need to update it to conform to this new feature
  • New Feature: Added the ability to expire persistent caches
  • New Feature: You can now subscribe to global status messages
  • New Feature: More consistent ajax support across various jQuery versions
  • Bug Fix: Cache now works when data is merged into the URL
  • Experimental: We had initially talked about adding an ajax-poll request.type, but upon further discussion we decided to hold off on an official implementation so we could abstract the API to include support for other multiple response such as web sockets, server-side events, etc... In the meantime, you can use an unofficial ajax-poll request.type that we have published. We would love to hear your feedback concerning this new API.

amplify.core Changes

  • No noticeable changes were made for this component