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Developer Meeting

Meeting Minutes 2011-05-18

This meeting was held on 2011-05-18 at 13:30 GMT-7 in IRC.

Topic: AmplifyJS 1.0 Beta was released

  • jdsharp: Check & review open tickets. There are none following 1.0 beta.
  • scott: All issues were cloesd and it was a clean launch

Topic: AmplifyJS 1.0.0 Stable release planning

  • scott: We should focus on any minor issues and mobile devices and the test suite
  • mike: Commerical support offerings
  • scott: VSDoc support for 1.0.0

Topic: AmplifyJS 1.1 release planning (new features)

  • Multi-response request types
  • Geo location request type
  • Download builder

Action Items

  • scott: Determine the list of mobile devices we plan to support
  • jdsharp: Update TestSwarm to ensure the mobile devices can connect and execute tests
  • jdsharp: Add storage support grid to API Docs.
  • scott: Setup test for capturing storage limits via crowd source
  • jdsharp: Update to detail mobile device support
  • mike: Provide Scott with an iPad 2 for testing
  • jdsharp: Schedule Doug for site UX iteration
  • jdsharp: Update roadmap
  • mike: Formalize support offerings
  • scott: Switch 1.0 to 1.0.0 for semver
  • scott: Discuss VSDoc with Andrew
  • scott: Review Basecamp Writeboard for features and recompile