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Developer Meeting

Meeting Minutes 2011-05-25

This meeting was held on 2011-05-25 at 13:30 GMT-7 in IRC.

Topic: AmplifyJS 1.0.0 Final

  • scott: Andrew Powell is finishing the VSDocs
    • We have a few bugs to fix in the demos and update the docs prior to release
  • jdsharp: Github is current on issue tracking
  • scott: Discovered some quirks in IE 9's web storage
    • filed an issue to investigate some more:
    • I'll be posting tests for everything soon, but here's what I've found out so far:
    • if you use bracket notation to set data, e.g. localStorage[ "foo" ] = "bar"
    • you'll never get a quota exceeded error but you can actually exceed the quota
    • at which point the data no longer persists
    • even though it does get stored on the localStorage object
    • that's the quirk that has a big impact on us because uses bracket notation
    • there's another quirk where numeric index just don't work
    • but it's impossible to use a numeric index in because all of the keys get prefixed
    • so I'll need to update to always use methods since it's much safer
    • I'm also almost done with the storage limit support tests
    • which will allow us to figure out which devices we can actually support
  • New feature request: - agreed it makes sense, will implement.
  • Web storage tests will be used to determine the list of mobile devices

Action Items

  • andrew: Finish VSDocs
  • scott: New Feature Issue #11
  • scott: Web storage tests
  • scott: Demo bug fixes
  • scott/wirick: Doc bug fixes